Crafting Communications Projects


Have a new product that needs to be explained in layman’s terms? Need concise writing to explain a new fundraising project?

Each product is unique and needs unique marketing that uses research and planning with the client. Sygiel Solutions doesn’t use a cookie cutter approach and assembles the right team to articulate a clear message, are visually appealing and delivered using the best format and platform.

Let Sygiel Solutions help hone your messages to appeal to your target audience.

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Project Challenges

Whitewater Valley, Wabash Valley and Ohio Valley presbyteries answered Lilly Endowment’s challenge to create an action plan for Indiana Presbyterians to educate congregations about financial stewardship and assist pastors with educational debt. Called Sustaining the Call: Ministerial Excellence Fund, the campaign needed a brand, standardized materials about real pastors and background financial information to raise additional funds.

A newly established IPS magnet high school needed a visual presentation to share the essence of the school’s differences and explain the program to an audience of funders.

A documentary producer needed help tightening the film’s overall thesis statement, licensing music and executing a fundraising campaign to fund a finished edit.

Crafting Communication Projects - Sygiel Solutions

A local business’s new product could revolutionize rural water clean-up but needed help explaining and illustrating the product’s function for hundreds of rural wastewater treatment managers.

A Central Indiana for-profit that reports on nonprofits needed a face lift and consistent style and format for its online newsletter and website.

Project Deliverables

Presbyterian synods: designed marketing campaign — Sustaining the Call: Ministerial Excellence. The final product included branding, a folder with detailed financial background, an ask and four recipient case studies.

Shortridge High School: created the content and design for a informative PowerPoint about the school, featuring student audio and action photos to convey the uniqueness of this all-IB urban high school.

Indianapolis-Covalen: created simple brochure and product sheets for two innovative waste-water products for rural use. Download the brochure here.

“Resurrection of a Barn” documentary: collaborated to raise the remaining funds and fine-tune the story-line for a 23-minute documentary, which had local screenings and was accepted to five film festivals.

Charitable Advisors: designed readership survey and focus groups questionnaire to inform the re-design of the weekly e-newsletter and website.