Coaching & Mentoring Writers


Everyone has a story to tell, but sometimes the author is too close to tell it concisely.

Many young people look at a blank page and don’t know how to get started. While researching, outlining, drafting and finalizing are all steps to completing an essay, many young people don’t know these steps and need help completing college and graduate school application essays.

Sygiel Solutions will work with the young person to determine audience, style and voice to ensure a successful written piece.

Coaching and Mentoring Writers - Sygiel Solutions

Project Challenges

A Canadian medical student needed a coach to help evaluate and offer feedback for medical school application essays.

A high school junior needed help outlining and writing concise essays for acceptance to an inaugural international, leadership program in South Africa.

Coaching and mentoring young writers - Sygiel Solutions

Project Deliverables

Canadian medical student, living in Nova Scotia, was asked to submit final essays for nine U.S. medical schools.

IPS student was one of 30 students selected for inaugural Experiment in Learning leadership project funded by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman.